Elder Zachary D. Johnson's Mission

Elder Zachary D. Johnson's Mission
Elder Zac Johnson has been called to serve in the Brazil Santos Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and wants you to share in his adventure! "Take the leap with me."

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

01 June 2015


My new companion has KIDNEY STONES. Yep, he even has one that is 1cm wide! Needless to say, he is pretty nervous but confident that this too will come to pass. We have messed so much with him.

But in the few days that we were able to work, we got more done than I had done in entire weeks recently. I dont need to say anything to motivate Elder Mahonri. If I knock (read:clap) at a door, Elder Moriancumr goes to the next one and while the person comes to the door, Elder Mahonri comes back, and we talk to the person at my door. It is effective and we talk to more people in less time. So, we will see how long the health challenges put a damper on the work in the damp winter weather.

Okay, I'll stop with the brother of Jared jokes. 

But seriously, Elder Cerro is really cool. He is 26 so he talks to me sometimes as if I dont know anything or as if I was kid. But besides that, he is pretty chill. He doesnt joke a whole lot but he says some things that I think are funny. 

I was really sad to hear about the passing of Elder Perry. I was able to see him in the MTC. I remember being struck by not only his hight but by what I felt when he walked in to the auditorium. When I first saw him, I just knew that he was who he was: an Apostle of the Lord. I felt it the instant that I saw him and I knew that I wanted that to happen when people saw me. That is something that I have to develop still but it is a goal of mine. Apostle with lower case a. haha

The mission is receiving more americans as the relations between the US and BR are getting better. But the number is low and that worries President Cabral because the 1st group of missionaries that came to santos are going home in 6 weeks and that will take out 20 elders. THe mission will shrink quite a bit again. 

Well, I think that is it for this week. We havent been able to help a lot of people this week but this week will be better. 

Thank you for sending yet another package. I am so grateful for that. Thank you. It means more than you know. 

I love you tons Mom. Have a great week.

Hug Dad for me. 

Elder Johnson

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