Elder Zachary D. Johnson's Mission

Elder Zachary D. Johnson's Mission
Elder Zac Johnson has been called to serve in the Brazil Santos Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and wants you to share in his adventure! "Take the leap with me."

Thursday, January 8, 2015

22 December 2014


How was the cruise? Did you guys catch as much sun as I did this week? I doubt it :P I hope you all have a great time in Florida and drive safely home on Christmas day.

What a crazy week! Transfers still haven't happened. So I am still here in Registro with Elder Machado and Elder Mela (His comp is with another elder because this other elder's companion finished his mission). Working in a trio is way different and harder than you would think. But it means that there is conversation as we walk between appointments. So, there are pluses and minuses.

One day as we walked we met some torch-juggling hippies from Argentina. That was quite the experience. Elder Mela is from Panama and the hippies' broken portuguese was easy enough to understand so they started to speak spanish. Their spanish was easier for me to understand than their portuguese. Although they didnt want to hear anything about Jesus they were really nice guys. I doubt I will meet others like them in my life. 

We spent Saturday in Cajati teaching Andreia and MarĂ­lia. They are so prepared. They are nearly done with 1 Nephi and Andreia uses the footnotes to compare with the Bible. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. They accepted everything very well and they have no problems with the Word of Wisdom! There might not be a many a Starbucks here in Brazil, but everyone drinks coffee. They dont! It is a miracle and really the Spirit was so strong!

Look what we found on the street!
Yesterday I had the chance to speak in Sacrament Meeting. My assigned topic was, of course, missionary work, but I changed it at the last second. It just didnt feel right to talk about just that subject on the Sunday before Christmas. So, I opened with the shepards in Luke 2 then told the story of the 3 Trees. I figured that since I wont be home to take part in the family tradition, I would tell in Sacrament Meeting. Well, there wasnt a dry eye in the room, everyone was crying, and I felt the Spirit so strong. It really was the best Sacrament Meeting I have taken part in in a long time.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and I cannot wait to skype with you all this week! Write me back soon so that we can confirm a day and time!

Love you all,
Elder Zac Johnson

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