Elder Zachary D. Johnson's Mission

Elder Zachary D. Johnson's Mission
Elder Zac Johnson has been called to serve in the Brazil Santos Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and wants you to share in his adventure! "Take the leap with me."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It is the Lord's work...not mine.


What a week! It has been kinda hard to because we are "sem cellular" right now. Apparently, the bill for last month was ridiculously high because some companionships were calling other states in Brazil and some calls were made to argentina and portugal... They know which companionships did it but they took all the cell phones. Needless to say, getting in touch with our lunches, getting baptismal interviews set up, and confirming appointments has been very difficult. But, all is well and the Lord always provides! 

This week we had a "mission tour" with a general authority. I cant remember his name (he was brazilian) but I was so worried that I wouldn't understand a thing. BUT I DID. I understood everything. But that is my problem. I can understand a lot but my speaking is not too hot. The weather is...but not my speaking. I stutter. and I hate it. 

But anyways, we got kicked out of Perequê by Elder Rocha (the ZL) so we had to give all 5 of our investigators to him and Elder Rodgers. They gave us their huge number of 2 investigators in other parts of our area. Rocha wants to say that he created a branch in Perequê so he moved us out and put himself in... I was not happy about that. But all is well, because we have some awesome prospects in the area closer to the house. Some people could be baptized as soon as next week!
The mission is going great. I love it. Yes it is hard, and sometimes VERY wet, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I am in Mosiah in the Portuguese Book of Mormon and halfway through Jesus, the Christ, so I am content with life right now. 

I am not jealous of the cold weather but the fan in the LAN house is broken soooooo I am in a sauna right now :)

Have a great week everybody!

Elder Johnson
Provo MTC District Members in Santos
Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Schmeil

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