Elder Zachary D. Johnson's Mission

Elder Zachary D. Johnson's Mission
Elder Zac Johnson has been called to serve in the Brazil Santos Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and wants you to share in his adventure! "Take the leap with me."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The shock is real!!!

June 30, 2014


I will start this letter with the big news.

I am getting transferred to Boa Esperança. And... I will be training. Thats right, I have to train a new missionary... the pressure is real and I am super nervous. I am super sad to leave this ward and especially my companion but it will be a new challenge, where I will grow a lot. Transfers was moved to this week and we were told about everyone's movements this morning. So, today is going to be a crazy day. yeah.

This week has been bittersweet. Luis is delaying his answer to us about baptism, we found this ELECT lady who is slated to be baptized next week, we have another elect lady who has the same baptismal date, and have some good prospects. But, I will be transferred and will be "white-washing" the area. The challenge is real. I hope I am ready for it. 

That really has been it for the week. I am really frustrated because another transfer has passed without a baptism. And we are so close here! But such is life. 

The people here are nuts because of the Cup. Honestly, when the game went into penalties, I thought they were going to burn the city down, but they won and that was a sight to see!

Your package came too! Actually, it got here 2 weeks ago, but the office didnt call me. Thank you all so much :D

Have a good week everyone and FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO AO PAI :D


elder Johnson

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